The LUCILE SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS have deemed the “fight” for education a top priority. Our
goal is to strengthen every Pupil/student’s chance for success by encouraging children/youth to
strive for excellence in all aspects of life. It’s been proven that solely offering funding as a
means of improving an ailing educational system does not directly contribute to inspiring the
students to excel inside the classroom. We have taken this into consideration and established
an impact plan that will enhance student success, reverse the current trends, and promote
literacy and academic enrichment for generations to come in our communities
Our Plan
• Host regularly scheduled sessions where staff and parents have an opportunity to read
and speak to students in an effort to engage, teach, and inspire community youth.

• Execute the annual Back To School Giveaway which provides families with backpacks full
of the necessary school supplies and books to help youth excel in their studies. Additionally,
Books, pens, computers, flash drives, graphing calculators, and more will be raffled off to
students in hopes that the less fortunate will stay abreast ever-changing technological trends.


SCHOOL FEE ; we support pupils and student with school fee to make sure they have the basic
needs that can help them understand in classrooms , As they say “if you can’t educate a
thousand , Educate just one”

EDUCATION MATERIAL ; WE provide school materials like Books, pens, computers, flash
drives, graphing calculators, school bags and more to vulnerable pupils or student in our
communities to make them feel comfortable in school and classrooms for a better understand
“as peace of mind generate better understanding”
The LUCILE SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS has help pupils and student become in the communities
to be more Experimental and Diversify
Pupils and students in this communities tends to grow as an individual and experiment what he
or she is passionate about, and become exposed to a diverse set of people and ideas which
expand the mind.